Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Do You Ever Struggle? I Do

God speaks to my heart a lot on back of the motorcycle. (I know I know some of you are saying that's because you're nearer death, so you're closer to God!)

Anyway, Sunday afternoon was beautiful and we took a nice long ride through old familiar territory. Through Murfreesboro on to Nashville and then over to Hope.

I was thinking about my struggles. I said to the Lord "I am a struggler". We are all strugglers in one level or another. Sometimes I rest peacefully in the knowledge that the most heartfelt prayers that are closest to my heart are going to be answered and I remember Scripture and bask in the Truth. Other times, I get agitated or worried thinking, what if or why or play the blame game or feel guilty - none of which are from the Lord.

I guess He knows I need visuals to learn so this is what came to my mind.

I pictured our 7 month old grandson in his mother's arms. Sometimes he likes to push with one arm and attempt to wiggle out of her arms. He might grunt or kick his legs as well!

Although he is struggling, he never falls. His little mother holds on tight to him, even when Blake fights her like babies do!

We are like a baby in our Father's arms. We struggle but He holds on tightly to us - never letting us go no matter how hard we struggle.

In fact, the more we struggle the tighter His hold is on us!

So, fellow struggler, whatever you are struggling with right now, just know that you can rest in your Heavenly Father's arms - after all the One who holds the world in His hands is holding you as well.

And, so much more, those we keep giving to the Father who are out of our reach, whether son or daughter or other family member, they are still in His hands as well.

Isn't that wonderful?

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