The Daniel Fast -
       We tried it and we liked it! It took a WHILE to get over the no caffeine! Whew...you should look up the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and know that we had every single one of them - between me and the man - it was all there.  He even had flu like aches and pains!
        We did not do the fast to lose weight, but the man did - 12 pounds in 10 days! No kidding. I lost tummy weight and felt so much better.
        De-sugaring your life is an extreme makeover! I went to the store to pick up a can of peas and carrots for lunch one day. At lunch I got it out to heat in the microwave and behold...sugar was listed in the ingredients! Why? Carrots and peas are already sweet. We also were amazed that fat free had nothing to do with refined sugars. In case you don't know, the amount of ingredients listed on the packages of anything show the amounts in them. For instance, if sugar is listed first that's the biggest ingredient in the package, bottle or can.
         Unleavened bread only? Wow, that was a corker. We don't live in a big town so unleavened bread isn't found liberally on our shelves. But we did find that Triscuit was a good brand to use in place of unleavened bread but again...read the label...some of them were very liberally filled with sugars.  My friend Tandie in Hot Springs told me about Krogers and some great grain filled crackers to use. I tasted one and I liked them. You can make unleavened bread yourself.  I will add a recipe at the end.
         Veggies, fruits, veggies, fruits, veggies, fruits - no meat! That sounds harsh, but it was surprisingly wonderful! We found that meat, while it made us feel full, made us sluggish, especially if we eat it for a late supper.  Some veggies are GASSY so watch those. But I found that even though I love green peas, I especially love them sauted in olive oil with sea salt, pepper and dried onion bits.  Mmmmm....
         Fruits and fruit juices - Frozen fruit, a fresh banana, a cup of juice and a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter makes for an awesome, filling morning shake.  Watch the peanut butter - just because it says "natural" doesn't mean it - most of them have sugar or honey or some other ingredient. We bought Smuckers and it lists ingredients as peanuts and salt. Fruit juice warning - 100% juice can still have added sugars. So pick no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Read, read, read the labels.

         We loved the Daniel fast so much that the man wants to do it again! This time for a full 21 days. We enjoyed that the fast seems to clean out your ears as well as your intestines and makes for clearer hearing from the Lord. We need His will in areas and we figure putting our selves aside for 21 days could never be a bad thing.
         If you try it, remember that it's for spiritual awakenings and yearnings. There are great by products such as feeling better, being more naturally awake, and no sugar dips mid afternoon, but God Himself meets us just as He did with Daniel and his men in the Old Testament.
        And, really, don't we all want to be more vigorous in our faith and have strength to move mountains and conquer our foes!?

       Unleavened Bread Recipe 1-
        •7 Tablespoons Water

        •7 Tablespoons Olive Oil
        •7 Tablespoons Honey
        •1 Teaspoon Salt
        •2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

Mix all ingredients together and knead well on a flowered surface. Roll into 7 balls. With a rolling pin, flatten each ball into the thickness of thin pizza crust. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes. Cut into half inch squares.

      Unleavened Bread Recipe 2-
Tammy has a wonderful recipe on her site and it's full of photos and directions!


Unknown said...

I'm going to talk to my husband about trying this! He's been saying he wanted to fast and I know this would bring on a great spiritual awakening for both of us! Thanks for sharing! But no caffeine... REALLY?!?! lol

Rebekah said...

Yes, the no caffeine was hard! We had flu like symptoms even! But we were talking just last night how great we felt - we're thinking of doing it again and trying to incoporate it into our regular eating. Let me know how it goes. :)