Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amazing Grace - Il Divo

Okay, this video was sent to me recently. But for some reason, all the imbedding has been disabled, so all I can say is, go to youtube and watch. But get out the hankies.

Il Divo is singing Amazing Grace in the ruins of the Coliseum at Rome! Imagine if you dare all those beloved saints who lost their lives there, simply because they were Christians.


So Great a Cloud of Witnesses!

This morning as I was having my quiet time, God reminded me of some wonderful things He is doing in the lives of His beloved believers.

He gave us the wonderful Book of Remembrance, the Bible, which is full of witnesses to all of us. There's King David - his life reminds us His call is without repentance, namely who God puts a call on God puts a call on. He is also a reminder of the importance of repentance and of moving on with God. If you are one who is struggling with an issue or a problem right now, give it to Him, forsake it if it's in your power to do so and GO ON WITH GOD! He's standing in front of you, just ahead, waving you towards Him! I'm reminded of how much we hiked with our kids when they were little. A trip to Albert Pike with bologna sandwiches and cheap drinks was so fun! But, with little kids, they would stop and pick up a stone, or move a stick or see a butterly and try to run and catch it. We were often stopping, turning around and waving "Come on, this way, move it!" God is doing that with us! He's waving us on - quit looking at the sin or the problem you've put behind you - it's in the deepest ocean anyway. You can't really see it anymore, so move on with Him.

He has also given us home churches. Full of people who have walked with God for years. They know He is faithful and if you spend time with them, before long they are sharing just how faithful God has been. Talk to your oldest deacon and his wife. They will probably have a well of knowledge of God's work in the lives of His people.

He has given us friends. This is probably, at least for me, one of the most important relationships we can have. Proverbs 12:26 says "The righteous should choose his friends carefully for the way of the wicked leads them astray" In I Corinthians there's a verse that says "bad company corrupts good morals". (I quoted this one to my kids a lot when they were teenagers!) This doesn't mean we can never be around people who aren't Christians, obviously, but our closest, most influential relationships should be with people who know and love the Lord, or there will be consequences. We should choose to be around the highest quality people we can, the ones whose hearts are aimed toward God.

Danny and I have something extra special in our lives, through the ministry of Christian Motorcyclists Association. John Ogden and Becky are wonderful leaders who love God and love others. The board of directors are full of integrity and love. The folks who work "behind the scenes" are there by God's divine grace and direction. Then there are the regional evangelists, the state coordinators and so on. Wow, talk about a great cloud of witnesses! Everywhere we go in ministry for Him through CMA, we are blessed because others have gone before us and prepared the way. "one plants another waters but the Lord gives the increase".

So, you beloved ones, as you seek God, as you go through trials or temptations or snares, remember, you have a cloud of witnesses as well. Talk with God, seek His Word, fellowship with the strongest believers you can find. And, come on, let's get on down the road with Jesus!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It All Depends on Mount Perspective

Last year was a real wild ride for us! Just part of that was the Riding a Greased Snake episode and post. Lots of things were going on and lots of people in our family were having issues. Danny and I had a great year -- it was just the stuff going on all around us that was so interesting.

I've always read the 23rd Psalm and I love it! Especially when you look at it by each segment.
The other morning I was reading, "He preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies".

As I always tell people, I am a visual thinker. I see pictures when I think. This is what the Lord showed me and I wish I was also a painter so I could show you what i saw, but anyway...

I was sitting at a huge round dining table and it was full of all kinds of lovely food - fruits in compote bowls, vegetables in silver trays. I mean it was like one of those Rembrandt paintings.

The whole table was illuminated from above with a warm bright light.

Just out of reach in the dark shadows encircling me were creatures: my enemies. Lions and tigers and bears and creatures like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. They were scurrying and growling and making gutteral noises.

But I was not afraid one bit. I wasn't worried about those creatures in the dark.

Because I was in the Light. We need never be afraid of our enemies, because we are sitting at His banquet table and His Light shines on us. Those "creatures" that want to bother us and frighten us and get our minds off the Feast can't get out of the dark.

So it is with last year. It all depends on how one looks at it.

God spoke to my heart and told me to look at the events of last year:

We had a blow out.
He protected us and we never had a scratch on us.

Danny nearly crashed the sport bike.
He protected him by keeping from going down the mountain.

Aunt Alice was with us 6 months.
He found a place of refuge for her and all her needs are met.

A couple of people in our family didn't speak to us for months and months.
He restored those relationships.

Remember dear ones, we can either focus on the enemies or we can focus on the ways God was with us. Not all things turn out "perfect" and yet they do. Because His word says, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee".

Be sure you keep a look at what God is doing and don't worry about the shadows. He's keeping us in the light on Mt. Perspective!

Know Enough to Be Dangerous

Those of you who look at my blog occasionally may find that you can't figure out what i'm doing. Well, neither can I! :)

I accidentally deleted my last post while I was trying to change how the blog looks.

Oh, well, that's where I know just enough to be DANGEROUS! haha

But when it comes to knowing Jesus, you really need to know that you know that you know.