Marriage Enhanced

I know you're thinking "Not possible!" If you're like me you've messed up a lot on the road to marital bliss. You may have even started off on the wrong foot and keep getting tangled up in messes that should have been left in the past!

Today I read about an idol. It was the Word of God! I know, but listen closely as God spoke to my heart from where He had already spoken to another's heart. It's the Scripture about "husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church...AND GAVE HIMSELF UP for it" (caps mine, because after all, isn't that where we LOVE to emphasize?)

I've often thought that if "he" would do what God said, I would be so much better off! Not just that, but I would be a better wife. You know, if he'd do that I'd be this.  Doesn't work that way. Not with the Lord...

Instead He says things like, "die to self daily", "meek and quiet spirit", "win them over", "create a clean heart in ME oh God", "renew a right spirit in ME", and on and on.  You get it don't you.

Marriage they say is 50/50, but the way I see it it's 100%. And that 100% is all about my relationship with the Lord. Whether or not the hubbies in our lives get it or brush it away, we have our relationship with God to work on first and foremost.

Oh beloved, if you're dealing with heartaches in your marriage, I suggest you run to the Book of Love and read! All of God's promises are yours because He loves you and He's for you and that's all that really matters!

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