Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okay, okay, somebody said, "You HAVE to get on facebook!" Well, it seems I had already tried to sign up with my email sometime back and signed in as Danny Beene, so now actually DANNY is on facebook! hehe

And, funnier than that, one of his buddies from northeast Arkansas is on there too! He found Danny! Okay, grandpas on facebook - that's a good one.

Guess it's for everybody.

Just like the Gospel. One size fits all. One Savior does all for us. It doesn't matter if you like social networking or talking on the phone. Jesus is the Person who never hangs up, never uses up His minutes or yours and never has a computer crash! That sounds silly, but the fact is, in this world of ours, with tumbling 401 K's and stock market plummets, housing prices going down, etc. - we are most fortunate to have Jesus, who is not only on top of all the world's problems, He is for us!

God loves you and me. And, He's FOR US! Get it? Whatever problems you are facing today, or whatever "thing" you are doing that you'd rather not do, God loves you and He's for you!

He's on your side and do you realize how big that is? Psalm 118:6 READ IT! BELIEVE IT!

Today, may you realize, more than ever before that GOD LOVES YOU and HE'S FOR YOU!
Get it down in your spirit, so you can live it out and after you begin to live it out you'll give it to others! You can't help but give out what comes to you.

Have a good day - and what? That's right! God Loves You and He's for You!!!!!!

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