Friday, August 02, 2013

Recite God's Truth Over Your Struggles

My daughter was telling me to do something and I grinned to myself and spoke these words, “You’re not the boss a me!” We both laughed. I can remember grandchildren saying that very thing when I had to tell them what to do. I’ve been bossed all my life. You have too. Someone is always in authority over us, right? No matter how high up the rung of the success ladder you go or how low down on the totem pole you are, someone is over you.

Other things are bosses as well: our time, our finances, our possessions. Most of us punch a time clock, balance a checkbook and dust, polish and remodel things.  We have to mow the grass, water the lawn, feed the chickens, change the oil. The list goes on and on. These things boss us in the fact that we have to do them – if left undone they only get bossier!

There are some other things that have bossed me over the years. Shyness was a big boss until the Lord changed my heart. Then there was old fear. Fear and I were best buds for many, many, many years.  I’ve fought and struggled with him many times. Sometimes I would win and other times fear would have its way.

A few weeks back we were riding through the mountains and across the switchbacks of northern Arkansas. Those who have ridden with us in the past know that I don’t like that. But I do love the driver of the motorcycle I’m behind, so I go. I could never enjoy the view because the feeling of going off the edge was so incredibly overpowering.

It was about the third day out and we were riding along beautiful hills and scenic lookouts. The scripture Psalm 34:4 came to mind, “I sought the Lord and He delivered me from ALL MY FEARS!” (my emphasis)  I sat on that motorcycle and talked to the Lord. Quietly under my breath I said, “Lord I would like you to deliver me from this fear.”  I had such peace as I took in the sights and you won’t believe this, but I began enjoying them! No kidding! It was immediate. I let it sink in as I looked out on the expansive view and leaned in the curves. This was better than good, it was wonderful! What had up to then taken my breath away in fear was now giving me extreme joy!

Since Danny and I talk on intercoms, I shared with him what I had done and how God had responded.  He was thrilled! LOL The rest of the trip was totally awesome as I could look over on the breathtaking views and enjoy God’s wonderful world.  God blessed my marriage as well because we can now share in the enjoyment of those views!

I had sought the Lord and He responded according to His Word and “delivered me from all my fears”.  Fear is no longer the boss of me!

For you it may not be fear. Other things like melancholy, sorrow, dread, unbelief, anger, bitterness, attitude – these are the things that try to “boss” us.  Anything that comes between you and your faith is something that’s trying to boss you. If you are having a hard time living life to its fullest, then you may have let something take authority over you. I know things can be hard, but those things aren’t meant to be the boss of you.

Oh beloved! Today could be your day of liberation! It could be the day you call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised! His Word is His bond. His Truth is His answer. Your faith is your key to God’s Word that will unlock the chains that want to be your boss! Let His Word be your source and your healer. Let His Word pour over you and make you a believer! Recite God’s Truth over your struggle and watch as it loses all its strength and has to bend to the Truth! No matter what you’ve been through, no matter how long you’ve struggled, if you will call upon the Lord, He will indeed answer you, release you, redeem you and make all things new!

Take in God’s Word everyday beloved, for the Scriptures are lovingly God breathed for you so that when wrong thinking wants to lord it over you, God will bring His Word to your mind and you can say with authority, “God loves me and He’s for me and you’re not the boss of me anymore!”

Psalm 34:4 I sought the LORD, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 18:3 I called on the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and He saved me from my enemies.

Psalm 107:2 Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others He has redeemed you from your enemies.

Psalm 107:20 He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

Psalm 119:159-160 See how I love your commandments, Lord.  Give back my life because of your unfailing love.  The very essence of your words is truth; all your just regulations will stand forever.

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