Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is the Ride of Your Life!

I have always wanted to ride a scenic train. Hopefully this summer will be my opportunity. We have plans for just that. I know that this type of train travels on the edges of rivers, winds through mountains and dips into valleys. There will be a couple of tunnels to travel through and there are no lights in these tunnels. I will not be able to see outside the train car, but I’ll be safe inside where it is well lit and all our needs for comfort are met – drinks, bathrooms, soft seats and air conditioning. I’ll also have my wonderful husband by my side.

I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I’m not fond of heights, dips, cliffs, bridges, curves or the dark! Yet I am planning a trip that will take me through those exact situations. My fears of those things are overcome by my desire to enjoy the ride!  I won’t be riding alone anyway, even when I’m afraid my husband never is and he will hold me close and remind me that it’s safe.  I might get scared from time to time but it will be okay because the trip will be outstanding and the scenery will be breathtaking!

We don’t always get to choose our trip. There will be hard times. We must go through them just like I will have to go through the tunnels. Life’s twists and turns can be rough. We don’t know how we can hold on. We want off the ride and back on terra firma – safe ground.  But regardless of the dangers ahead, we are meant to dwell in joy! The train cars of life are full of His care and comfort – we can abide in joy and peace. Our conductor is no novice –for He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He knows what He’s doing.  Not only that, the one who sits with us and comforts us and whispers words of safety is our Lord and Savior!  Even when we are in the tunnels of life and we can see absolutely nothing or no one, the music playing in our head is the Word of God sung to us by the Holy Spirit, who is with us always.

Oh beloved, run to God’s Word for you are in for the ride of your life! The Word of God is your ticket to heaven, but it’s also your seating assignment, your boarding pass and your safety net! Read it all and take it in for you will be refreshed in hard times and strengthened in weak moments. When you cannot see anything, the Word will increase your vision!  When you wish you were somewhere else the Word is your reminder that God is orchestrating your life for His glory and your best! You are blessed and highly favored for the King of your life not only gave you heaven, He has taken care of all your needs for this life as well! Keep your eyes on Jesus for He is the Conductor of your entire life – He will check your ticket and attend to all your needs and safety all the way. 

Psalm 112:6-8 Such people will not be overcome by evil. Those who are righteous will be long remembered.  They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.

Isaiah 25:9 In that day the people will proclaim, “This is our God! We trusted in Him, and He saved us! This is the Lord, in whom we trusted. Let us rejoice in the salvation He brings!”

Isaiah 42:16 “I will lead the blind by a way they do not know, In paths they do not know I will guide them.  I will make darkness into light before them and rugged places into plains. These are the things I will do, And I will not leave them undone.” (New American Standard)

Proverbs 1:33 But all who listen to Me will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

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