Saturday, July 06, 2013

God Wants to Invade Your Space!

God wants to invade your space. He wants to burst your personal comfortable self-made bubble.  He did not build the bubble, you did. So, anything that’s not from Him, for Him or of Him has got to go.  Removing your comfort hurts. Walls demolished crash around you. Bubbles burst hurt your ears.

But God has a better plan for you than you do. So, He’s trying to burst your bubble dear heart. He’s working at it. You may bounce away from every prick. You may dash off from every attempt. You may hide behind “things” to avoid the change. But He’s going to have His way. And because He loves you, oh dear one, His way is best! Yours won’t work for the places He wants to take you.

Why doesn’t God just leave you alone? He wants you to love the very ones you don’t want to. He wants you to interact with the ones you ignore. He wants you to fellowship with the very ones you’d rather walk across the street from.  He also wants you to stick the course. You can’t if you’re bouncing in your own bubble. If you keep stopping others from invading your space. If you keep telling God you’d rather not.

He wants us each one to branch out. And we can’t if He doesn’t burst our bubbles. He can’t if we don’t let Him invade our space. The very things/people/places/situations we may try so hard to avoid are the very ones He wants us to excel in.  Because, precious one, it’s His strength in our weakness. It’s His perfection in our imperfection. It’s His Spirit in our lack of spirit. It’s Him – boasting about Himself – in us.

Won’t you join me today and say, Go ahead God! Invade my space! Burst my bubble! I can handle it if You do it!  Are you ready to live way beyond yourself and all the way with the Lord? Are you dreaming of living outside the box, but still not secure about letting go of the box? Then God will help you. His desire is that you live so closely in connection with Him that you need no props or protection.  

Oh beloved, run to your Heavenly Father this morning and let Him give you His best! He’s got incredible dreams for you. He’s got magnificent designs for your life. He thought of you before you were even conceived and He already had the best life planned for you! Others may have disappointed you, made you fearful to trust or walked away leaving you feeling vulnerable and in pain. But our God will never do that to you! He who formed the seas and the mountains, knows just what you need. He who stilled the storm and created the pillar of fire by night, knows how to care for you.  He loves you enough to keep you safe, and He loves you enough to make sure you find all your safety in Him alone!

Trust God to invade your space today? You’ll never have a better opportunity to let God show you His extravagant love and care than when you’re holding onto nothing but Him! He loves you and He’s for you and that’s worth letting Him have it all!

Psalm 62:8 O my people, trust in Him at all times. Pour out your heart to Him, for God is our refuge.

Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Psalm 139:16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Ephesians 3:20 Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or think.

Proverbs 3:5 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. (Amplified)

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