Friday, August 31, 2012

Stop Snacking and Start Feasting!

Lately our grandson Blake hasn’t been eating much at mealtime. He’s pretty worn out from pre-K school and he rarely wants to quit playing just for a plate of food! A very active 4 year old that boy is.  The other night around 9 o’clock he managed to get himself a bag of chips and was found eating them as he sat in a chair. He said he had gotten hungry and couldn’t sleep! His mom explained the importance of eating a good meal during supper. She told him he would have to start eating a healthy meal or nothing else.  The chips filled his tummy but they didn’t do much for his nutritional needs.

Oh beloved! Have you been snacking on what the world has to offer? Does it seem to you that others who partake of whatever they want are happy and full while you feel empty and unfed? Run to the Lord’s bountiful table of health! His Word is your absolute necessity and without it all of us tend to fill up on junk.  Not only does His Word fill you and make you spiritually healthy, God will bring other believers into your life who desire the sincere milk of the word and the meat as well. Great fellowship can be found at the Lord’s banquet!  He loves you so much that He has a plan to fill your heart and mind so that you can rest in His presence and have strength to resist all the junk the world wants to offer you! Now that’s love!

Psalm 103:5 He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!

Acts 2:28 You have shown me the way of life, and You will fill me with the joy of Your presence.

Song of Solomon 2:4 He escorts me to the banquet hall; it’s obvious how much He loves me.

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